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The best online training service for women.  Sisters In Shape has the world’s best all female coaching team at your fingertips.  An incredible sisterly support community.  And we’re experts at helping women feel strong, empowered and healthy within a positive environment as we work with you on your health & fitness goals.

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Erica Willick

Erica is a 3x World Pro Bikini Champion, busy mom of two kids & founder of Sisters In Shape.  She’s coached hundreds of women with her real-life approaches to fitness & nutrition.


Valerie Solomon

Valerie is a busy mom of 4 boys and has touched hundreds of thousands of women around the world with her deep love for strength training.


Stephanie Laurendeau

Fitness is a passion for Stephanie, but nutrition coaching is her forte. She loves the science of how macronutrients and micronutrients work together to create the most efficient body.



Steph Puddicome is World Medalist for Team Canada and North American Fitness Model Champion. She shows women how to be sparkly and badass with a powerful & supportive coaching style.


Leah Larson

Leah is one of the best trainers in North America, with dynamic and challenging training techniques. Leah runs Syphus Training in Michigan and is a North American Pro Figure Champion.


Anna Earley

Anna is a Registered Nurse, wife, busy mom of two kids.  Anna is all about rocking the everyday fit lifestyle and physique.  Anna is empowering and supportive, with a touch of tough love.


Kick start your goals and accelerate your success with one of our exciting Challenge programs.

Free with your nutrition system

  • Steal our fit mom secrets success! Fit Mom Challenges are run monthly in a supportive online group setting and are led by one of our world-class coaches.
  • Meal plan, checklists, recipe book and weekly nutritional coaching calls. Everything you need to rock your nutrition NOW and for the long-term!
  • Day-by-day workouts with video demonstrations for your fitness level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) at home or the gym.
  • Time saving system of nutritional products to ensure you rock your nutrition. Results guaranteed!

Sisters in Shape is in the process of developing kick butt WORKSHOPS to help you meet your fitness goals.

Starting at $35/month










Fit for real life. Guidance, tools and support you need for long-term success and an everyday fit body. Accountability with an experienced coach.

Starting at $154 / month

  • Just like women don’t come in one shape or size, neither do our lives.  We decode your unique blueprint & create a program just for you.  No cookie-cutter programs here!
  • Do you struggle with busy dinner times, weekend treats or finding in time for workouts? Your SiS Coach focuses on what you need for lasting success.
  • Technology lets us track you so you’re more accountable. Your SiS Coach is just a message or Skype call away.
  • This program helps you reach your goals and still rock at real life!

Want to rock the fitness competition stage? Our award winning contest prep program has the world's best competition coaches and a supportive team.

Starting at $154 / month

  • There is a better way to prep for a fitness competition. Our proven system for nutrition and exercise takes you to the next level with the most polished stage package available online.
  • Our nutrition system shows you how a stage-ready body is possible to achieve in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • Advanced exercise techniques are tailored to your target category so that you sculpt your best physique.
  • Rock the stage with an elite stage package. We have the best posing coaches and give you guidance for all the stage details – suit, heels, make-up, hair and more!