Amy is a mother to 2 boys and a full time personal trainer and life coach in Georgetown, Ky.  She has trained over 100 women to success in reaching their goals.  Amy's kind demeaner and strong physique give you no clue to the unique battle she's fought to be where she is today as a power woman and coach:

"I spent my teen years and most of my adult life constantly worried about what everyone thought of me, whether or not I was thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough-basically good enough.  This caused me to live in a constant battle of disordered eating and lead to unhealthy exercise patterns that I did not understand as a young adult and mom.
In 2012 I was diagnosed with tumor onset epilepsy.  The diagnosis lead to a huge change in all aspects of my life.  One day I realized that I had control over how I handled the situation, I had control of how I handled everything in my life and that mattered was who I believed that I was. 
While I was “untreatable” “sick” – I earned my degree in Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science online(as I could not drive) and I found a friend who would go to the gym with me to strength train.  I learned about nutrition and what I actually needed to be eating to fuel my body and changed the way I looked at food." 
  • Degree In Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science

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Amy's Coaching Philosophy

My coaching style is about self-love and empowerment.  I encourage my clients and teach them that fitness is a journey for life and we are always working for the healthiest and best version of ourselves, loving ourselves through every step.  A big part of my programming and coaching includes strength training which I truly believe helps women realize how strong they are both inside and out. 

I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.


Top Competition Placings

NGA Kentucky Natural Classic 2016:

  • Figure Class A 1st Place
  • Masters Figure 1st Place

UFE Liberty 2016:

  • Open Figure 3rd Place
  • Masters Figure 2nd Place