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Stephanie Laurendeau comes from an extensive background in fitness. Everything from ringette, gymnastics, tai kwon do, basketball, kickboxing, yoga, spartan races AND the weight room!

Like many teenagers Steph dealt with a severe eating disorder, and has since managed to learn how to use health and fitness to fuel her body rather than break it down. It’s about health and not so much physique for this coach.

Stephanie is a self proclaimed introvert, but most people disagree as her two years of competing allowed her to get out of her shell, shine on stage and grow as a woman, mother and wife. She has since transitioned into a happy, healthy, long term lifestyle with an occasional challenge thrown in the mix to keep things interesting.

She's now coached hundreds of women through group Challenges and individual coaching to discover their healthiest and strongest self!

Fitness is a passion for Stephanie, but nutrition coaching is her forte. She loves the science of how macronutrients and micronutrients work together to create the most efficient body.  Stephanie shows clients how to fuel their body for PERFORMANCE with natural and balanced nutrition.

She's taken her passion to help others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, while maintaining a flexible dieting strategy by joining forces with the Sisters In Shape coaching team.

If you are looking for a lifestyle coach, Stephanie is for you!