Amy Rivera


Not only is Amy Rivera an experienced personal trainer, she is also able to help her clients reach their goals mind, body, and soul through her yoga expertise. Amy helps her clients find a balanced approach to strength training and wellness to help them get healthy and strong for good.

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Meet Amy...

I grew up in a family that was making poor health choices and had this underlying attitude that obesity and failing health were just inevitable parts of life…that there was nothing anyone could do about it. 

In my early twenties, I was looking for stress relief from a job as a high school music teacher.  I had heard Yoga could offer stress relief, so I attended an Iyengar Yoga Class.  In just 90 minutes of long-held poses and so much attention to detail, I was able to see just how much say I have in the state of my body...just how much my body could open and change within just a small amount of time.  It was very empowering.  That message quickly became a lesson for so many other aspects of my life and my health.  That, if I could improve my body in a single class, I could completely change it for the better, over the course of my whole life.


It wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to share health with others, through Yoga.  I’ve been teaching Yoga for 13 years, now.  I’ve been strength training during that time, too.  I was encouraged by my boyfriend, and now husband (Yay!), to use my knowledge of the human body and function, my love for lifting, and my thirst to share what I know, for becoming a Personal Trainer.  That was three and a half years ago, not long after I had met this incredible group of empowering women who had created GORGO magazine.  

The strength I continue to find within myself plays such a big part in showing my daughters they have it within themselves, showing you that it’s within you, that it’s within your daughters…that it’s within every person.  


You are NEVER just the inevitable!



FiTOUR Advanced Yoga Instructor

FiTOUR Primary Personal Trainer

FiTOUR Group Barbell Conditioning Instructor

IBBFA Barre Certification

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