Andrea Ashley



Instagram: dre.ashley31

SiS Coach Andrea loves empowering women to not just look healthy, but FEEL healthy. She believes self-love is the foundation to any wellness journey. “Self-care is a keystone to making any physical change. You can go to the gym, and not lose the weight if you’re stress is so high. Learn to love yourself and remind yourself often that you’re on this journey for reasons greater than just what’s in the mirror.”


The oldest of 7 siblings, Andrea has been athletic since her youth; “I love being active. I danced, played soccer, ran track.” Andrea graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science. “I love hiking, running and lifting.” Andrea stays busy training clients with Sisters in Shape, teaching piano lessons and is pursuing her Masters degree. Newly married, Andrea recently moved from San Diego to Boston with her Marine husband.

“I love Sisters in Shape because it gives me an outlet to help people with exercise and nutrition. Online coaching is more approachable to people who can’t get to the gym at 5 or 6am to meet their trainer before work; they can fit their workouts into their own schedule. I love the accessibility SiS offers for their clients.”

Andrea’s personal experience with food allergies and overcoming an eating disorder fueled her desire to help others on their own wellness journey. “My goal as a coach is to help you achieve results for long-term success, which includes nutrition, exercise and most importantly self-love.”


“Take one day at a time.”

We can’t accomplish anything two days from now if we don’t get through today.