Christie is known as FitNix, an Army wife and busy mom of three. She graduated as a NCAA Division 1 college athlete and earned her Bachelors in Exercise Science and Kinesiology.

As a busy mom of 3 and army wife I know how important it is to find your forever fit. Creating those healthy habits that we can maintain on autopilot when life gets hectic.

As a college soccer player being fit was always a part of my life. Until pregnancy weight gain and postpartum frustrations, I lost sight of taking care of me and obsessed about being a certain size. It took three pregnancies to understand that my body is fit if I train it to be, regardless of how it looked.

Now as a trainer I love empowering women to LIVE ALL IN, train for strong and the body will follow!

It’s always been more than a workout, it’s life expressed through movement, creating more not obsessing about less.  Striving for progress and not perfection keeps us motivated and craving more, discovering the athlete in all of us.

Christie challenges her inner athlete by competing in Figure and Powerlifting.



2016 UFE Liberty Fitness Category Winner

2015 USAPL 57KG Class Winner

2014 Kentucky Derby Figure Class B4th place

2011 Tricky Jackson Classic Figure Class B 2nd place