Dena is a single mother of a 9 yr old little boy and works as a full time personal trainer and SIS Coach.  

"After my son’s birth, like many new moms, I found myself completely disconnected with my post-baby body. I knew I needed to make some changes.
I quickly realized how powerful I felt when I began making small positive changes promoting an every day healthy lifestyle for me and my son. I knew immediately that I wanted to share that with as many women as possible!
One of the most incredible perks of introducing women to weight lifting is watching them transform mentally. It never fails; anytime I take on a new client who is new to lifting heavy, their self-confidence skyrockets within a couple of weeks. It’s happened every single time.
One of the reasons is that allows them to see what they’re physically capable of doing. Many women are astounded when they perform their first set of picture perfect push-ups (and I’m not referring to the “girl” version). Their face lights up with joy when they achieve a bodyweight chin-up. And let’s not forget how empowered a woman feels after ripping a lot of weight off the ground doing deadlifts!!
My biggest goal for my clients is for them to become stronger and more empowered, while achieving their transformation in becoming their absolute best.  I focus on building the drive to succeed, not only in fitness but in every situation, so my clients absolutely CRUSH any goal they have set for themselves! The most rewarding feeling is when I see a change in my client’s life from the inside out. We work hard together and form a team to achieve life long positive changes in every facet of their lives."
  • GORGO Barbell Ambassador
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • PiYo Instructor
  • IFA/ NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Dena's Coaching Philosophy:

My fitness and healthy philosophy is Moderation.  I believe that you should be able to enjoy a healthy balance of workouts, fitness and eating well MOST of the time, but also be able to allow yourself to go out and live it up sometimes. Have those nights where you drink a bottle of wine or enjoy your fave indulgence!

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Competitions & Awards:

Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor

-Arkansas State Bodybuilding- 3rd Place Class A Bikini

-Arkansas All South Muscle PRO - 1st Place Class A Bikini

GORGO’s 1st That’s So Gorgo Award