Have you always wanted to compete in a fitness competition, but weren’t sure that you could get stage ready without spending thousands per month on trainers and coaches?

Do you have a dream of one day walking that competition stage to confidently showcase your strong and healthy body?

Are you looking for a natural and healthy way to obtain your competition goals without sacrificing your real life in the process?

Getting in the best shape of your life and celebrating it on stage is a victory worth showcasing, but there’s a reason more women who want to accomplish this goal aren’t doing it.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and an experienced competition coach to help you along the way.

The good news is, you can have it all, thanks to Sisters in Shape Power Prep.

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Sisters in Shape Power Prep coaching is for real women who have big goals of walking the competition stage with confidence. The fact is, you don’t have to give up your life in order to get competition ready. Our experienced competition trainers are mothers, wives, and professionals. They don’t have to give up their real life to get ready for the stage and neither will you. What you will need is a fail proof plan, insider information, and a lot of dedication.

You already know the power of confidence, and that determination is what sets a successful competitor apart, and you’re ready for the challenge. Let us pair you with a coach who can hold you accountable, give you a solid plan for success, and leave others saying: Wow!



When you are first welcomed into the SiS Power Prep program you will fill out a questionnaire so that we pair you with the perfect coach. Whether your goals are to compete in Bikini, Fitness Model, or Figure, our all female coaching staff have the know how and the drive to get you ready.


Next, you will meet with your coach on Skype for a video assessment (yes, that means “before” photos, but wait until you see the after). We need to know where we’re starting from so we can get you to the finish line. Your weight, physique, and form will be assessed and then your coach will create a dynamite plan to get you 100% stage-ready.


Our coaches understand that you have a life outside the competition stage, and the reality is, you don’t need to spend 100% of your time in the gym. You just need to make the most of the time you do spend there.

The Power Prep program is not for the faint of heart, but you probably already know that. There is no such thing as a quick fix, or a 20-minute workout that will get you competition ready. When you sign up for Power Prep, you are investing in a program that will kick your booty into its best shape. The workouts will be challenging, but you won’t be alone.


Thanks to our special SiS app, you will have access to videos of every exercise your trainer puts in your plan. Need clarification on your program or questions about your macronutrient splits? You have access to your coach when you need her, and she will keep you accountable to achieve your goals. Speaking of accountability: You will log your workouts into the app, so your coach will know whether you completed them (or whether you slacked).


Your nutrition is a huge piece of the competition puzzle, and your coach will ensure your menu and food choices work for your goals. Dietary changes, foods to avoid, times to eat per day: your coach will answer all this and more with your own specialized nutrition plan.

Members of our Power Prep program love how supported they feel as they make their way to the stage in a program that only utilizes natural and healthy ways to build muscle and refine your physique.

Your Fitness and Nutrition are only one aspect of what you get in the Power Prep program.

Competing in a fitness competition requires a lot more than just having the right diet and exercise plan. Without the proper motivation, you just won’t make it to the stage. Having an experienced competition coach who can push you to find that inner strength you need to stay motivated, while giving you the proper tools to strengthen your body, all while feeling supported, is what we do around here. SiS Power Prep is a world-class training program for women who aren’t content to just be fit, they want to change their lives. Working with a SiS coach is a life changing experience. In addition to your workout and nutrition, your coach will help you with posing, tan, suit and the hundreds of details needed to get you ready for your show.

SiS Power Prep is an all encompassing program that helps you obtain your goals and feel supported through our amazing community of women. All have different fitness goals, but one purpose in the community: to support and uplift each other as we all journey towards our personal best.  


Our Power Prep coaches are experienced world champions who can tell you when you’re ready to walk that stage and help you get there. 

Worried you won’t know what to do after the show is over? Your coach will prepare you for the post-show process and will set up your prep program to avoid giving up all your progress after the show. This is so important for your health, and it’s an area all of our coaches are experts in. 


  • Steph Puddicome, World Professional Fitness Model Champion (UFE), experienced in NPC/NLBBA
  • Erica Willick, 3x World Professional Bikini Champion (UFE)
  • Leah Larson, World Professional Figure Champion (UFE), experienced in IFBB/NPC 
  • Val Solomon, Figure Pro (UFE) and Masters World Champion (UFE), experienced in IFBB/NPC


“The SiS Power Prep meals were very useful and yummy! Understanding what my macros should be during contest prep was also beneficial – this was an area that I did not know much about and still learning. I am so much more aware of the food I put into my body and macros splits.”



SiS Power Prep has helped me find a balance in my life I hadn’t thought possible, for this I will always be grateful. The journey to the stage has been fun, healthy and not at all what people typically think of when it comes to show prep. I have made new friends and feel supported in my journey. SiS rocks at contest prep!” 



“There are so many options out there for online coaching but SiS is the only one I found that truly understands what it means to be a wife and/or mother first. SiS has shown me that I am capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for. They have pushed me further, given me goals and showed me how to achieve them. All in a natural, healthy way!”



“This experience has changed my life.  I have absolutely loved connecting with other women who share the same values and beliefs about family & fitness as I do.  It is rare to find true and genuine connections these days and having so many amazing women congregate in one group is awesome.  Everyone has been so wonderful and focused on lifting one another up and offering ongoing encouragement towards whatever goal they have set for themselves."


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