SiS Online Personal Trainer

A SiS Online Personal Trainer is a genius solution for the busy woman with a packed schedule to reach (and exceed) her body & wellness goals and finally feel good!  With a custom plan for both nutrition and exercise, you know exactly what to do, every question you have is quickly answered, right down to food options and your workouts each week.

With A SiS Online Personal Trainer, you get hands-on customized guidance where an experienced and knowledgeable SiS trainer listens to you and understands your life and goals, creates your perfect plan and then guides you through each step to get control and balance in your nutrition/exercise.  That means you get our busy-life proven training approach customized to your goals & your workouts, ongoing nutrition plans, 100+ page recipe book, personal assessments and your trainer keeps you accountable with weekly check-ins.

Having it all & also get access to our mobile workout app to experience the highest level of personal training possible, even without having a physical body with you (and no hassle of appointments to schedule).  You get to hit the easy button on this area of your life, and gain confidence in what works for your nutrition/exercise now and for years to come - we love changing lives and transforming bodies and mindsets in the process.

A SiS Online Personal Trainer is an affordable, busy life proven ANSWER as shown in the hundreds of working women that have already experienced a SiS online trainer in the pursuit of strong, healthy and happy.

power prep


If you've been wanting to take your physique to the next level and prepare for a competition, this this is your program. You will be paired with a SiS competition coach who has been there herself, is experienced in training competitors, and knows what it takes to get your ready! Not only will you custom training & nutrition plans, but also coaching on suit, posing, and rocking the stage. This is a complete competition prep program that will get you ready to walk that stage!

The Power Woman System is a proven, step-by-step 8 week process that shows you exactly how to eat well and fit in exercise in your packed schedule.  It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to meal plans and workouts each week.

With the Power Woman System, you get week-by-week video guidance where we walk with you through all the steps of finally creating a balanced life. That means you get our exclusive busy-life proven formula…meal plans, recipe books, targeted workouts and confidence building.

But it doesn’t stop there…You also get access for 8 weeks to our elite trainers through group coaching & accountability, Q&A sessions and a private Facebook group.  You get to make yourself a priority by learning the organization strategies of successful busy healthy women – and it’s all 100% doable and designed especially for the busiest lives of working women.

In short, the Power Woman System is a method, a formula and a proven SYSTEM that our clients have applied successfully over and over for results now and for years to come.