Want to be a SiS Coach?

Sisters in Shape teaches & supports experienced trainers, who align with our values and brand, to run their own online training business.  

We don’t want you to work for us… we want to empower you, through our coaching cooperative, to work for yourself!

Value of Being a SiS Coach

·       Professional website (with you featured and ongoing traffic of new clients)

·       Established brand

·       Word-of-mouth quality reputation

·       Social media and marketing experts

·       Cooperative training - sharing of material and network to ask questions

·       Make more money per hour with shared resources, save hours of time creating everything from scratch - a ready to go online training business

·       Otherwise would have to advertise, pay for a website, market all on own $$$

·       Coach earns 100% profit after 4th client*

·       Learn how to be a successful online trainer/coach who makes money doing what she loves, with the flexibility of working on your own schedule



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