Band & Ball Booty Workout


This Booty Workout is SURE to make those buns BURN. You know we love (xoxo) lifting weights at Sisters In Shape.  We also know there are a gazillion ways to sculpt gorgeous muscles and we don't turn our nose up at fitness variations like using resistance bands or exercise balls. These simple pieces of equipment can really challenge your strength in endurance when used with high volume resistance techniques.

This killer resistance band and exercise ball workout will hit the glutes at all angles.   Grab a mini-band and an exercise ball and get ready to feel the burn!

Here's SiS Power Prep client Stephanie Thomas showing the results of creative approaches to sculpting a booty!


*Minimal rest between exercises.  Only rest for as long as you need to set yourself for the next move.

PART 1: Mini Band Circuit I (1 Round)

1. Forward Walk (normal walk), 15 steps VIDEO

2. Backward Walk, 15 Steps VIDEO

3. Forward Monster Walk (Goal is to stay in squat position entire walk. Legs wide, in low squat position), 15 Steps VIDEO

4. Backward Monster Walk (Goal is to stay in squat position entire walk. Legs wide, in low squat position), 15 steps VIDEO

5. Side Steps (Goal is to keep constant tension in band. When stepping in, keep feet wide enough to avoid a loose band), 15 Steps VIDEO **Complete “there & back” leading with right foot, then switch and lead with left foot.**

6. Stationary Steps Forward & Back-leading, 12 steps each leg VIDEO

7. Stationary Step-Ins with 25lb Plate, leading for 12 steps each leg VIDEO

PART 2: Mini Band Circuit II (Complete 2 Rounds)

First, move the band around your ankles & perform:

1a) Standing lateral leg raises (with band), 25 each leg VIDEO


1b) Standing Kick Backs (25 each direction, switch legs) VIDEO

Now, move the band around your knees & perform:

2a) Kneeling Lateral Leg Raises (25 each leg) VIDEO

Tip: You will be on your hands and knees. Lift leg out to the side as high as you can. “Dog peeing on fire hydrant”.


2b) Single Leg In & Outs (25 each leg, followed by a 20 second hold) VIDEO Tip: With lower quads still banded and still on hands and knees, bring one knee to chest and fully extend back behind you.

PART 3: Ball Booty Blast (Complete 1 Round) SiS Coach workout featured in Gorgo Magazine

BodyBall/Wall Hip Lifts Series:

1) Straight Leg Hip Lifts-50 reps

Tips: To perform the exercises lay on your back, bringing your bum close to the wall.  Raise your legs straight in the air and put the physio-ball between your calves and the wall.

With your legs straight, lift your hips slowly up and then back down all the way to the ground – this is one rep. You should feel the exercise in your target areas of glutes and hamstrings.

2) Bent Knee Roll-Downs-50 reps

Tips: Hold the ball against the wall with your feet, hips up off the ground for the entire set. Bend your knees and then slowly straighten them, rolling the ball up and down the wall.

3) Straight Leg Drops-25 each leg

Tips: Hold the ball against the wall with straight legs and hips in the air for the entire exercise. Hold the ball with your left leg only and drop your right leg straight out to the side. Your goal is to get your right leg parallel and as close to the ground as you can and lift it back up again. After a set with your right leg, switch to your left.

PART 4: Booty Burn-Out (Complete 1 Round)

Jumps & Squats Series:

1. Split Lunge Jumps, 20 reps VIDEO

2. Weighted Jump Squats, 20 reps

3. Bodyball Weight Wall Squats, 20 reps VIDEO

4. Death By Squats, 20 reps Tip:  Hold medicine ball and start with high pulses holding med ball out in front of you, arms as straight as you can hold. Hold for 30 seconds. Drop down a level, pulse for 30 seconds. Drop down lower in good squat form and pulse for 30 seconds. Ass to the grass for last 30 seconds. Try not to tap out!