Do You "Build"?


I used to call myself a “runner” because I ran a lot. I even raced. I now love to lift weights, so I’m a “weightlifter”? I even compete, so I’m a “bodybuilder”?! Hahaha. No one takes me seriously if I call myself that…I get called “cute”, a lot. The label of bodybuilder doesn’t feel right because like most, I have preconceived stereotypes of hard core, muscled men and doped up women. But in my mind, I AM BUILDING. Each session in the weight room is spent building myself.

I press so I can press forward.

Squat so I can stand back up.

I’m making my back strong so I can carry others.

I lift to failure so I can be humble.


Four years ago, aiming to shed some pounds and “tone up”, I picked up little 5lb-10lb dumbbells and started to lift weights. Back then I thought in terms of 12 or 16 week programs. Yet these were the first steps that started me on a path where I learned there are no finish lines, no top scorers, and no slam dunks.

Building yourself is not a game to be won.

fit mom erica and curtis
fit mom erica and curtis

I now tell people I go to the gym on my lunch hour to get in my exercise. You know…stay fit. But as I slip in my ear buds, crank my tunes, and strap on my weight gloves, I look in the mirror and see a lifter.

A builder of self and a builder of others.