3 TIPS: Getting Started in the Weight Room


It’s unfortunate that most high school gym classes teach young women the rules of how to play badminton but not the basics of the weight room.  The result is women often have no clue how to train with weights and are typically found in the gym either in group classes or cardio machines.  This is unfortunate as they’ll never get the shape they're after without incorporating weight and resistance training into their program.

I know the limitation cardio has in giving you the shape you desire.  After losing 35lbs post baby (twice) with a low calorie diet & too much cardio, I had little muscle and my body felt saggy and “mushy”.  I  often hear women complain about their tricep “flaps”.  The only way to lift that sag, firm up that mush, and rid yourself of flap is to build full healthy muscle.   So how does a woman with no knowledge of weight training get started?


First you need to do some self-education and learn the basic terms and concepts of weight training.  Terms like “sets” and “reps” are common place, but do you know about “super-sets”, “training splits”, and the concept of training your “lagging” parts?  Sisters In Shape covers these basic terms and concepts in this video.


Sisters in Shape is very proud to offer a wide variety of programs to get anyone started on their journey with weight training. We have lots of great options that we've created for women just like


to get comfortable in the gym and learn the foundations of a healthy life. We know that getting started with weigh training can be intimidating and scary. We've been there! We've created these programs with YOU in mind because we want to help you become healthier, stronger and more confident in the gym. Some of the programs we have available to get you started include:

One-On-One personal training through our

Lifestyle Fit Coach program. 

 This program will give you the guidance, tools and support you need to succeed LONG TERM.  There's even video demonstrations of every exercise on our mobile app so that you feel confident in the gym. We are here to help you learn everything you need to know to love your every-day fit body. Just like women don't come don’t come in one shape or size, neither do our lives. The 

Lifestyle Fit Coach

program has an exercise and nutrition program created to help you reach your goals AND still rock at real life.

SiS also offers Challenges to kick start your success! Our

Body Forward program

is a crowd favourite! In our Challenges are share our secrets for success in fat loss and building lean muscle. Our challenges are run monthly in a supportive online group setting and are led by one of our world-class coaches. These challenges include everything from meal plans to checklists, recipe books, weekly nutritional coaching calls and more!

Looking to test the waters on your own? We're happy to help you any way we can. Check out our Workouts section on the blog to get some rocking workouts and get started today.


Lastly and most importantly, you need to get onto the weight room floor.  Sounds simple but this can be the biggest hurdle for some women.  It can be an intimidating place when you are just started out, and you don’t want to look like you don't know what you're doing.

I now feel so comfortable in the weight room I can confidently muscle-up right next to the guys, but I


didn’t start off that way.    I invested in 10 personal training sessions as I felt my health and happiness was worth it.  I then started training by myself in a women’s only gym, and then finally after 6 weeks I felt confident enough to venture out to the co-ed section where I could then access a full range of weight training equipment which was not available at the women’s only gym.   I now take girlfriends with me to show them the ropes, and love helping them learn – so don’t be afraid to ask a fit friend to do the same with you.  Your friend will be flattered and will be pumped to show you what she’s had to work so hard to learn.  Just be sure to pay-it forward when you become a pro!