Glutes & Hamstrings Lean Muscle Build


A bikini booty is all about a developed set of glutes & hamstrings.  Split out these body parts once a week and hit them with a focussed workout like this one, as well as performing another leg that works the full leg (including quads) to really sculpt your back side and build lean muscle. Here's an example workout that we use with our online clients


Do a dynamic warm-up of at least 5 minutes.  Bodyweight lunges & step-ups are great options.

1) Trap Bar Squat (4 sets.  Set 1 = 12 reps, Set 2 = 8 reps, Set 3 = 8 reps, Set 4 = 12 reps) - video demo HERE

Tip: Drive through heels, at top of motion thrust your glutes forward by squeezing your glutes.

2) Weighted Hip Thrust (4 sets. Set 1 = 15 reps, Set 2 = 5 reps, Set 3 = 5 reps, Set 4 = 10 reps) - video demo HERE

Tip: Drive through heels.  Keep core engaged & hold each rep for 3 second round at top of motion.


3a) Donkey Kickbacks using Cable Machine (2 sets 15 each leg) - video demo HERE

Tip: Hold onto the cable machine in front of you to stay balanced.

3b) Leg Curl on Ball (2 sets, as many as possible) - video demo HERE

Tip: Each rep hold for 5 second count at top of motion

4) Finish off your workout with 30 minute of the step-mill cardio machine