Muscle Building Muesli


This simple, powerful (and yummy) Muscle Building Muesli dish is something I'm really digging to eat myself and to use with my online clients lately. To get the most out of my hard work in the gym, I eat most of my carbs around my workout to maximize my lean muscle development.  This means that I eat high carb-low fat, before my workout, in my post-workout shake, and then in the first meal or two after my workout.

However, if my client has 10 lbs or more to be at a comfortable maintenance weight, we don’t fuss over nutrient timing like I just described.  Instead, we focus on portion control, balanced eating all done with consistency (both in workouts and nutrition).  These are the secrets to get to an “everyday fit”.  Consistency over perfection. It's all about setting the foundation for a healthy LIFESTYLE.

MUSCLE BUILDING MUESLI (250 calories 30g carb, 25g protein, 3g fat)

1 cup of low fat plain Greek yogurt

1 tsp honey

2 tbsp muesli

¼  banana sliced

¼  cup strawberries slices

1 tbsp chia seeds

Mix all ingredients and enjoy.

Recipe & photo from Nutritionist In The Kitch