Post Partum Series: EXERCISE



Walking + Restorative Breathing. That’s the post partum exercise program for this first week. One foot ahead of the next, gently pushing the stroller. Repeat.

It's important to start slow and easy.  Don't jump, run or pound yourself.  Go for gentle walks pushing the baby stroller.  You carried baby for 9 months and that put an incredible strain on your pelvic floor.  Even if you had a C-section your pelvic floor needs rehabilitation.

One to two walks a day for 20-30 minutes each.  You don't even need to do it all in one session.  Two 15 minute walks are great!  Did I mention everyday?! Yes. Every. Day.

Restorative Breathing.  Don't roll your eyes little Miss Fitness, at restorative breathing. You need to retrain before you train again.  It starts with restoration of the areas that were damaged (yes damaged, strained, whatever you want to call THAT massive baby-growing and delivery process your body just went through).

Daily Core Breath exercises (2-3x a day) are important right from the beginning of your postpartum recovery.  The Core Breath is one of the first exercises you can do in the days following baby's birth to start the process of restoring your inner core.