Proof of a Healthy Fitness Competition Transformation


SiS client Stephanie Thomas has seen and encountered many athletes that have struggled through their journey to the fitness competition stage and knew if she undertook a competition goal it was important she remain healthy through the process. Stephanie was confident that the SiS Power Prep Program would provide her with a healthy competition prep process.

Coach Leah guided Stephanie through each step of the process and says "First off, we have to understand that no "body" is the same. This comes into account with each client that I have."

Anyone who gets a "cookie-cutter" show prep program is at risk of not only getting sub-optimal results but not having a program that supports their optimal health.

Stephanie is a "Go Big or Go Home" type of individual. She gave Coach Leah 100% effort at all times throughout her prep. Any time she had a question or was unsure she communicated that with her coach.

Leah explains, "Communication is KEY with online training. Without knowing how my client is feeling, recovering, looking, etc. zero progress can be made. I believe that excellent communication played a huge factor in Stephanie's final package.

She was a client that needed to eat, and I mean A LOT in order to grow and progress with her physique. We brainstormed a lot on different foods that she could eat so she didn't feel overly full at all times, and I think we got it done!"

From start to finish, Stephanie has remained healthy and overall her journey has been a positive experience! In order to get into "competition" shape it gets tough at the end, but she has pushed forward with confidence and no complaints!

Physique plays a huge role in competing, but without stage presence and posing there isn't a finished product. Our posing expert, Coach Erica, guided Stephanie with her posing coaching via weekly videos and Skype sessions to ensure all the finishing touches were put together.

Stephanie took the stage after being 100% coached online, and took home a trophy in her first fitness competition ever! Congratulations Steph! Proof that award winning physiques CAN be prepped healthy.