Staying Healthy When Life Happens

As a new mom, it seems the world should be put on hold while you focus on your precious new baby.  Unfortunately, the world keeps spinning and life happens. I was on-the-go everyday this week, driving 2.5 hours a day to/from the hospital.   Life definitely "happened" this week.  So did I ditch my healthy lifestyle?

Nope.  And doing my best with my health wasn't for the goal of a bikini body.  Who cares about that when life is thrown upside down?  Health is our strength.  Our vitality.  No bikini booty (or brownie) can match that power.

So my purse was stashed with protein shake packets, apples, almonds & protein bars. I kept water on hand all the time, and the only stop I made through the drive-through was to get a bottle of water when I ran out.

I'd be home late and often in need of ENERGY. While I was TEMPTED big time to eat my favourite comfort foods (ice cream, chips, candy), I stuck to nutrient dense choices such as whole wheat toast with natural PB and banana slices & my Isagenix Greens!.

On the worst of the days emotionally, I drove up to the eat-out restaurants and was tempted by the cheesy pizza slices or ANYTHING that was greasy. I knew my body needed the energy and nutrition of VEGTABLES, so I mustered up all will power and headed into Pita Pit. I said "no thank you" to the offer of chips & cookies with my order, and said "load it up" when it came to vegtable choices. I ended up with pita stuffed with so many veggies (and grilled chicken) that it was as big as baby Faith!

I came home one evening and I asked my husband to let me have 30 minutes to blast my music into my ear phones and work out my emotions in our (home) gym in the basement by just moving my body through basic strength movements.  Mostly seated moves, and the weights were light, but man did it feel good emotionally!

As "life happens" it seems being healthy actually helped the most.  It wasn't a chore or a 'to do'. It was an ebb of relief - just like it has been and always will be.