Third Trimester: I Can't See My Toes Anymore!


Exercising gets particularly interesting when you can’t see your toes anymore in the third trimester. Many of the fitness moves you may be familiar with simply won’t work at this stage due to the size of your belly! This is where we reach deep into our exercise library and pull out the moves that are effective yet still doable with your sizable bump. In the last trimester leverage the following:

Seated moves. Take the pressure off your pelvic floor and keep yourself stable. For example, a seated overhead press is just as effective for your shoulders as a standing overhead press, however your core and low back are more effectively stabilized while seated. The seated exercise machines at the gym are also great for isolating a muscle, as well as easy weight selection with a pin or dial. Seated leg extensions and seated hamstring curls became regular moves in my last trimester to keep my legs strong and baby safe!

Cable machine. This underutilized resistance-training machine has an infinite number of ways to use it if you know how. The bonus of the cable machine in your third trimester is that you can adjust how far you stand from the weight stack to accommodate your bump! You can also easily adjust the pin on the weight stack to move the weight up or down without hauling around dumbbells. As I progressed in my third trimester the pin on the weight stack was set lighter and lighter and yet the movement and muscles targeted were able to remain the same.

Body weight moves.Now that your tummy is getting heavier (and heavier!) by the day, I encourage you to not only lighten up the weights you choose but use just your body weight especially for lower body moves. Your own bodyweight is providing ample resistance for a squat or lunge at this stage!


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