What Lean Muscle REALLY Looks Like


Recently I've had a number of comments like this, "I like your shape because it's not too muscular. You know? Like you don't look manly or big."

How to achieve this? BUILD MUSCLE! What?! Yup, build-your-muscle!!!

As women getting "too big" will NOT happen unless you're taking some kind of drug/testosterone or working super-duper-duper hard to eat, lift and grow with that specific goal in mind.

That shapely toned look you're after is lean MUSCLE. It's the kind of muscle that you get from...gasp...lifting weights. Like regularly (4-5x a week).

Want proof? I made this video clip to show what's behind my feminine shape....a whole lotta muscle (boom!).

Until I embraced weightlifting, I chased the traditional cardio, run, diet thing. Ugh...besides being hungry & tired my body wasn't shaping up to what I was aiming for with those wasted efforts (I wanted toned & shapely).

Eat. Lift. Repeat.

PS. Now I'm going after strong and sexy, but goals evolve