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When you embark on any new life changing journey, sometimes those closest to you aren’t as understanding and supportive as you had hoped. Others surprise you with their happiness and encouragement. Support is a key factor of success long-term in health.  Ask yourself “Who is in your life that supports my goals?”.  If you're coming up with a short and shaky list, then realize the power of what you have at your finger tips RIGHT NOW.  You must to find your "tribe", your fit friends, to thrive at being everyday fit.  Perhaps your tribe-in-waiting is us, your Sister In Shape.  The most amazing transformations and stories that you see on this site started with weak support networks, but in the community of other like minded women, discovered balance, strength and results they never could have imagined. Never miss a SiS post by signing up for our newsletter! Just add your email to the orange bar above!

1: Weed Out The Negative Influencers.

Think about how you feel after you spend the afternoon with a positive, motivated girlfriend compared to when you spend time with a friend that is always a “Debbie Downer” or read a post from a positive motivating blogger :)  Until a few years ago, I had friendships which were based on interests that had nothing to do with health and fitness. Once I decided to become fit and to wholeheartedly pursue a new, better, stronger me, many of my old friends drifted away. As an adult it can be really difficult to develop new friendships.  Facebook, IG & Twitter provided me the opportunity to connect with like minded women who I think of as my “Sisters in Shape”, and I now can't believe how fortunate I am with all the people supportive of me and my goals.

2. Search Your Niche to Find Fit Friends.

So how does one make new fit friends? When I first became interested in becoming fit, I approached a strong, fit woman at the gym. I was reluctant to approach her and felt self-conscious about how I would be perceived. I’ve since learned that fit women LOVE to talk about fitness! So my advice is don’t be shy and ask the questions you’re dying to know (like how does she look like that?!). For me, getting out of my comfort zone and approaching this woman was the best move I had made in years.

This gal offered to show me the ropes in the weight room with some training sessions (which I paid her for) and we bonded over these sweat sessions. I now call this woman my friend and we swap diet tips and chat about our mutual interests.

Another hot tip. Try a FITNESS CAMP! I signed up for a fitness camp as a reward to myself for being so consistent with my goals, and it changed my life.  For the first time ever, I was amongst an entire ROOM of women just like me.  All with their own stories and backgrounds, but craving more and looking to connect too. Camp GORGO is a fitness camp that runs annually in Kentucky and I now help run this camp :) It's an incredible weekend with like minded women all passionate about fitness. This year a whole group of Sisters in Shape clients came to camp and they absolutely LOVED it. Another cool aspect about camp is the Facebook group. When you register for camp you're added to a private Facebook group full of GORGO girls! It's super inspiring and is a great way to meet Fit Friends!

3. Don't Be Shy. Hook Up On Social Media!

For me, I love spending 20-30 minutes a day "hanging out" on social media.  There are about 5 Pages/Accounts that I check in on regularly as what they write speaks to my values, I learn something, or they make me laugh/feel good.  Note: NONE of my fav social media accounts post photos of themselves in underwear, biting their lip trying to pass it off as a progress selfie or inspirational post.  The cool thing is that these Pages/Accounts respond to comments I make, and often follow back.  I know I personally follow back anyone who comments on my account as I really want to interact with them too.  As an adult it's hard to make new friends, but technology is now at a place where Facebook & Instagram has been the conductor of amazing real life friendships!

My Top 5 Fav Social Media Accounts:

  1. Busy Mom Gets Fit

  2. ChristieNixLifestyle

  3. Gorgo Fitness Magazine

  4. NutritionInTheKitch

  5. CreepShowPhysiques

4 Tips for Making Fit Friends with Sisters in Shape//SIS//Sisters in Shape Blog//

4 Tips for Making Fit Friends with Sisters in Shape//SIS//Sisters in Shape Blog//

4. Let Your True Friends Shine

An interesting part of my fitness journey was that it revealed who in my life authentically supports me. Some friends have surprised me by traveling long distances to cheer me on in a show, send me encouraging messages as the show date approached, and even my little sister who is not into fitness came to the show and made a sign to hold up while I was on stage. Yes, I was disappointed that some friends/family did not want to support me in my new life and now reflecting years later, it was actually better for me that those relationships eventually fizzled out. Many people just don’t want you to change and some don’t want you to do better. It’s sad but we all know it’s true.

Everyday I’m meeting more and more women on the road to fitness. People I had lost touch with resurfaced in my life via social media, as we now had a common interest and goal which has been a great source of joy for me. We support each other and have lots of enjoyable conversations on a topic we both love.  I've been blessed to help many of them reach their goals that they never thought possible.  Some even changing their life.

I love that I now have many wonderful new fit friends who I talk to regularly, and it all started because one day I asked questions of a complete stranger in the gym. It is absolutely is possible to get new positive people in your life. Get out of your comfort zone, put on a smile and always be your authentic self. Your new Fit Friends, your Sisters In Shape, are waiting for you.


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4 Tips for Making Fit Friends with Sisters in Shape//SIS//Sisters in Shape Blog//

4 Tips for Making Fit Friends with Sisters in Shape//SIS//Sisters in Shape Blog//