Get The Most Out Of An Online Trainer


You've got enough to worry about with exercise, nutrition & real life.  Your relationship and arrangement with your online trainer should work in sync to propel you forward, not be yet another aspect to struggle with in your health and fitness. 


Communication! No matter the technology, it still comes down to the basics of communication.

Learn about the key trait & behaviors of our most successful online clients...

1. Establish Expectations of Response Time

Regardless if you’re a fitness veteran or newbie, you'll be contacting your trainer with questions and check ins. It's best to set upfront expectations on response time with your trainer.

At SiS, your trainer is 100% committed to you and your success, however this doesn't mean that she is on call 24/7.

So what is the expected response time for your questions? Your coach will clarify this with you, but generally at SiS 24-48 hours is our standard with weekends typically being taken off.

If your trainer is taking a holiday, they should plan this in advance with you so that your results aren't compromised. This is what we do at SiS. We also communicate any holiday-related delays with you beforehand so that you're not left wondering if the response is slower then normal. You'll be given an emergency back up SiS coach contact if you encounter something urgent that just cannot wait for their return.

2. Don't Fall Into The Internet Blackhole–Check-In!

When we don't hear from a client in a while, and their check-ins are empty, we suspect the worse. We fear you've completely fallen off track & you've turned us off by letting us fall into the internet black hole!!!

Instead let's take a look at what our successful clients profiles usually looks like...

A) Workout Check-Ins Light up Their Calendar

Your online trainer should have a tool that let’s them keep track of whether you are completing your workouts. At SiS we have a mobile app check-in that takes 2 seconds for clients to check in for workouts.

Full Workout Calendar Online Trainer-2
Full Workout Calendar Online Trainer-2

We want to see our client’s calendar all lite-up! While you may have good intentions to just do your workouts and feel you don't "need" to check them in, it prevents your SiS coach from flagging an unusually rough week in your life and then reaching out to ask if everything is ok & support you where we can.

B) Client Sends a Weekly or Bi-Monthly "What Happened" Message

A short note, even just a couple sentences telling your online trainer how the past week or two went is a huge indicator of client success. Why? It allows your trainer to help you navigate through the inevitable roadblocks that come up & not wait until those challenges have pushed you completely off track.

Your online coach can then help you strategize for upcoming vacations or social parties given your goals, or include more of those workouts that make you feel strong and alive! By communicating with us regularly, we can give you feedback and support. This check-in habit also allows you to reflect on how things are going for you before a month goes by and you’re left wondering why you didn't see progress as expected.

C) No Chasing Required

To ensure you get the most out of your training program, your online coach should ask at various points for form videos, meal logs, weigh-ins, progress pics, Skype assessment calls etc. These are used by your online trainer to help you get the best results. At SiS we want you to get the most out of your experience.

It's totally understandable that it occasionally slips your mind or you need a reminder. However, your SiS online trainer isn't keen to chase you nor will push to get these from you after one or two requests. Why? Well, honestly we've worked with enough clients to realize that our effort is best matched by the client's effort, otherwise it's a waste of our time and talents. As the saying goes "You can't hire someone to do your push-ups for you."

Ask any SiS coach, and they're pumped to pour their greatness into those client that are engaged and committed to their personal goals. No one is perfect, and we never expect our program to be the sole focus for clients - heck, we support and encourage a balanced life. But after a couple of non-responsive attempts, we then match our energy with your energy.

Ask yourself, is your energy and action the level you want matched?

Want to Work With Us?

Here’s a video tutorial our new online clients get to ensure they maximize their results with working with Sisters In Shape. We’ve worked with hundreds (thousands?) of clients“online”, and continue to strive to give women THE BEST training with a positive and empowering experience.




Best results with online trainer pinterest
Best results with online trainer pinterest