Why I've been so quiet on social media in 2016...

Hey! So I've been quiet on social media for most of 2016...maybe because it's the time of year when we reflect on the "year that was", my lack of presence on social media this past year has been coming to my mind a few times, so I figured I'd blog about it.

2016 was a year I really stepped back on being on social media.  Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't :) 

I've been quiet on social media this year......Erica, where have you been?

I've been quiet on social media this year......Erica, where have you been?

Why so quiet?

Well, this year I learned to master the feeling of "overwhelm". And if you believe you learn through through experience, then that opening sentence gives away the main reason for my low social media profile this year.

Overwhelm: You know that feeling?  Let me give you the symptoms: your mind runs through your to-do list in the shower/on your drive/first thing in the morning/at night before bed...and then oh my goodness there's someone asking for another thing (ah!)...and these expectations pressing in on you...and you leave your coffee on the roof of your car....and no matter what you do you can't seem to get on top of or get in control or ahead of "stuff".

I know you've been there.  Overwhelm: it may be the most common plague us busy women experience.

Why? Because ________ happened (like it always does)

In 2016, out of the blue, the corporation I used to work for offered me my corporate dream job - a CFO position & Partner title to return to work for a great company where I like the people.

BUT....just 18 months before that job offer, I made the big decision to leave corporate life to pursue full-time my dream of being a business owner....to build and create my own empire (instead of managing someone else's).  It meant leaving a good career in Finance that I'd built up over 10 years, PLUS was the result of a ton of schooling and professional grind.

So here I was at the start of 2016: owner & budding entrepreneur all developing really nicely (and with a team I love, serving clients I adore, in a passion that won't ever leave me).....and an amazing job offer to say "Yes" or "No" to.

Well, I went with my gut...I took the corporate dream job AND kept my businesses running.

I'm going to be honest...I had NO IDEA how I would actually pull it off but I've learned to go with your gut and figure out the rest as you go.  It was an aggressive plan, but it's worked for me so far, and the more I've learned to be trusting of my path the more it's unfolded to eventual amazingness.

Growing Pains in Transitions

Transitions, whether it's a new job, moving, becoming a mom, or more kids, are challenging to navigate.  No matter how well prepared you are, or if you have good intentions.

Yeah...Transitions are tough!

The most common growing pain I experienced in this transition were times of overwhelm.  Don't worry...I never threw myself a pity-party as I was well aware of my role in the overload.

My coping mechanism as I sorted through the overwhelm, was to draw in close to what was clearest in my life:

1. My family - my husband & two little kids



2. My lifestyle of exercise & nutrition - this hands down pulled me out of many mental messes

Lunch hour workouts, or early morning at home sessions were my 2016 staples #lifestylefit

Lunch hour workouts, or early morning at home sessions were my 2016 staples #lifestylefit

3. My few close friends (thank you!)

Surrounded by power....

Surrounded by power....

A Social Media Break

Looking at, creating material for it, and the public feeling of social media gave me a feeling of overwhelm anytime I thought about Facebook/Instagram/Blogs.

So I did what I coach my own clients to do - I looked after my health, and in 2016 that meant stepping away from social media.

And...In 2016, I kicked ass and mastered overwhelm.

Professionally I'm at the top of my game.  I am thriving in a true lifestyle fit approach to exercise and eating well for no other goal besides living a great life (I chose not to compete this year). I'm an awesome mom & wife. I'm still not perfect BUT I believe more in myself professionally, physically & mentally then ever.  I am a power woman to my core.

I gained a lot of clarity this year, and so as I look to 2017 from a set of clear eyes it looks spectacular.

What were your reflections on 2016?  Post in the comments below or on Facebook community...I do check & read every comment, just not everyday ;)


1. You cannot be everything to everyone.  Instead: Be YOU to your special someones.

2. You can do it all - just not all at the same time.  Master the moments.

3. Your mindset is everything.  No strategy, plan or actions will get you the results you truly desire without the right mindset.  Do the work on your mindset first, and circle back to mindset if that gets rocky (even if you're mid-action).

Ready to present our tax strategy & help facilitate a session with our national partners #lifestylefit #powerwoman

Ready to present our tax strategy & help facilitate a session with our national partners #lifestylefit #powerwoman

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