Healthier Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is certainly popular, and I do like it’s protein content especially because it’s so easy to make for breakfast. Unfortunately most Greek yogurts are filled with added sugars and try to pass as a healthy choice. Are you being fooled? Make sure you read the labels and watch out for any Greek yogurt with more than 5-8g of sugar on its label. Milk has natural lactose sugars and is why you will see a small about of sugar (5-8g) even in plain Greek yogurt. Just watch out for labels with 18g (or more!) of sugar - that’s big red flag!
— SiS Coach Erica


  1. Take 1⁄2 cup of frozen fruit(cherries,strawberries,blueberries,peaches)and put the frozen fruit in the bowl you plan to eat your yogurt in. Warm up the frozen fruit in the microwave. The juices of the frozen fruit stay in the bowl so when you mix in plain low-fat Greek yogurt it tastes sweet without a bunch of added refined sugars.

  2. YOU add a touch of honey or maple syrup to your plain low-fat Greek yogurt. This way YOU control the added sugar, and can choose unrefined sugar sources like honey or maple syrup.

  3. Take 1⁄2 cup plain low fat Greek yogurt, and add 3 spoonfuls of your favorite flavored probiotic yogurt. You get the taste and sweetness of your favorite flavored yogurt, but cut out a load of unnecessary sugars. 


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