3 Things You DIDN'T Do To Reach Your RESOLUTION

Written by Christie Nix

It’s a New Year and with that brings feelings of fresh starts, new beginnings, and the chance to start over.


For most, a resolution to lose weight, get fit, or sign up for a race starts strong at the beginning of the year. Motivations are high, inspiration is everywhere, and you feel it’s time for change.

As a trainer and SiS coach, making health and fitness a goal is always something we hope resolutioners can make and stick with.  We are cheering you all on!


We see it happen year after year... Strong start and no finish.

Likely, the resolution was made in a moment of passion (or frustration), a desire for change without a real clear vision or intent of what it would take to get there.

If that sounds familiar, let’s talk about how YOU can make your Fitness Resolution for 2018 STICK!

We need you to:

  • Visualize

  • Plan

  • Speak Up


1. Visualize:

There is POWER in seeing where you want to go.
So, close your eyes and see it:

See yourself 20 pounds lighter...
Crossing the finish line...
Being SO TIRED after work, or maybe mom life, and still choosing to train, run, or workout...

ny resolution blog header.png

Now, see how this is going to go down:
When will you make the time? Schedule it now or it won’t happen. Visualize feeling uncomfortable, unsure, and at times overwhelmed with accomplishing this grand goal. How do you want to REACT? If you can SEE yourself choosing to fight through those emotions, when the time comes you’ve already trained yourself to adapt.

Visualize so hard you FEEL like you’ve already gotten there; that feeling will be so strong nothing will stand in your way of getting there.

Feel that, now don’t stop until it becomes your reality.


2. Have a PLAN:

It’s likely you've set a goal for yourself you already know how to accomplish.  Let’s be honest; most of us know how to eat better and exercise, but most of us still don't. Without a plan, progressions, and the right kind of accountability, it’s easy to say "I’ll go tomorrow" or "I’ll start next week".

Here at SiS, we know EXACTLY the POWER a plan can have on your progress and persistence: The building blocks to get where you want to go, the daily movements that add up to months of change, and if you’re a SiS client, the accountability of a coach that is expecting you to get things done, because she wants you to be successful too!

What you VISUALIZE as the end goal may feel overwhelming and unattainable at times. However, the plan, process, and investment in support will keep you grounded and committed to the process.


3. SPEAK UP - Be Vulnerable:

Do you really want to change, lose weight, compete, etc? Yeah, you sure? Then you need to shout it from the rooftops. Tell your family, share with your friends, post it on Facebook... Not only will you inspire someone else, you’ll remember on days you don’t feel like making the right choices that you told EVERYONE what you were up to.

If you’re fearful of kick back for going to the gym or ordering a salad at girls night with water, making it clear to everyone what you’re up to will put an end to that before it even starts.

If you can muster the courage to LIVE OUT LOUD, you will be so connected to your goal, the opinions and possible judgment of others, will be a speed bump instead of a road block.

Whatever your goals are for 2018, we know you can ACHIEVE them, we’ve helped 100’s of women do just that. What you need is there, it’s up to you to make it stick, and stay the course.


Post by Sis Coach, Christie

This busy mom of 3, army wife and personal trainer knows how important it is to find your forever fit. “Creating those healthy habits that we can maintain on autopilot when life gets hectic. I love empowering women to live ALL IN!”

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