Work Lunch: Packing Tips


Office warriers and road warriors... this one is right up your alley!

Office warriors, we know your schedule is filled with meetings, appointments, and countless deadlines.

Road warriors, your job requires travel or lot of drive time, so you’re rarely found behind a desk.

Regardless of your work location, your busy schedule makes thought of making a robust lunch can deem daunting.

Good news... Packing a lunch doesn’t need to be cumbersome of your time, or complicated in creation.



We have a few tips for saving time in the kitchen while still packing a hearty, yet healthy lunch… regardless of whether you work from home, in an office, or on the road.

  • Dinner leftovers for lunch are a working woman’s best friend.
  • Whether you prepare dinner the night before - or meal prep for the entire week - make a larger batch of each recipe so that you have left overs to bring the following day.
  • Frozen veggies are perfect to toss into the same tupperware as your leftovers the next morning. The frozen veggies serve a dual purpose: they help keep your leftovers chilled and they add additional volume (and vitamins!) to your leftovers.
  • Don’t have access to a microwave? If you like warm meals, a great tool to have is a travel Crock-pot. These are also great for transporting oatmeal and soups. Travel Croc-pots can be found on amazon or many retail stores/kitchen stores.
  • Invest in a cooler bag. Not only are these perfect for organizing and keeping your meals fresh, but they are ideal for those without access to a fridge or spend their days on the road. Cooler bags come in a variety of styles and sizes; choose one that matches your personality and your needs! We love the Six Pack Fitness.

As a busy woman, you’re likely used to wearing a million hats and with a mile-long “to do” list.

We hope these quick tips help offer some added success and simplicity in at least one area of your life.  

And now, onto the most important question… What’s for lunch?!



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