Show Day Success: Tips from the Pro’s


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You’ve reached the homestretch: The final week (peak week!) leading up to months of preparation. Countless hours in the gym, posing practice, and meticulous diet have all been part of your “prep” lifestyle for the last 12-16 weeks. Your sparkly suit has arrived. You’re ready, right?!


While gym time, nutrition, and stage presence are critical pieces of stepping on stage for your first or tenth fitness competition, we’ve compiled some additional tips from our pro’s to ensure you truly SHINE under those spotlights.

And it begins a week before competition day….


  • A great tan starts days before the spray gun is pointed at your fit, rocking body!
  • The week leading up to the show, use sea salt scrub to exfoliate well in the shower.
  • Each tanning solution is different so contact your show tan provider to ask if you should or shouldn’t moisturize for your last shower leading up to the tan is applied.
  • Shave everywhere, including arms and glutes.
  • Shaving causes swelling. Therefore, your last leg/arm shaving should be two days prior, at the latest. Minor stubble will not be evident on stage with your tan. It is better to avoid increased water from shaving too late than being razor smooth the day of your show.
  • Any waxing should be done at least one week prior to show. Waxing too close to show risks irritation and swelling.


  • We like to use the teeth whitening strips that can be purchased at any drugstore in the week leading up to show day.
  • Pack a toothbrush in your show day bag. Give those pearly whites a quick brush before you hit the stage. (Few competitors remember to bring this and wish thy did after eating!)
  • You’ll be nervous when you finally hit the stage (whether you’re a rookie or a pro!) Smiling makes a huge difference to how confident you’ll come across... so say CHEESE!


  • Get nails done 1-2 days before show day (mani/pedi). Keep polish choice neutral to avoid distracting from your physique.
  • Relax and meditate daily. As you do this meditation, visualize yourself rocking the stage.
  • Try your best to achieve 8 hours of sleep each night. Looking well rested radiates on stage.


  • Many competitors are surprised with how anxious they feel the day before their show. To keep your emotions in check and protect your relationships, it may be a good idea to limit talking to friends and family about your show. You’re likely to be nervous, anxious and emotional. Few people will understand what you're feeling today. You may be sensitive and any comments, even well intended, may upset you. Instead, try to stay balanced, focused and let the process wash over you. Breath and try to channel feelings of gratitude.
  • Hair Washing PRO-TIP: Wash and blow dry hair well in preparation for your show.  Shampoo hair twice and condition once for maximum fullness.
  • Deodorant DON’T: Do not use deodorant the day of your tan and make sure you have showered it off from previous day.
  • Hotel DON’T: Pack and use old sheets towels for use at the hotel. Getting charged for stains on sheets and ruined towels sucks!
  • Pre-Day DO: Have your show day bag and food fully packed night prior to your fitness competition.


  1. Give yourself 30 minutes extra time to get to registration. Feeling late or rushed could cause stress which has a negative impact on your physique.
  2. Bring forms completed.
  3. Watch out for comparing yourself to the other competitors. Nothing good will come from comparing. Register then leave. Focus on YOUR game.

Pre-Show Check-List


  • Stage suit (and back-up suit)
  • Stage heels
  • Your contest number button/badge
  • Silk robe and/or very loose clothing to wear backstage
  • Baby wipes for your hands
  • Music and headphones
  • Flip flops to wear backstage
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste for after you eat
  • Towel to sit on
  • Small pillow to sit on or relax against wall while waiting backstage
  • Bikini bite
  • Small hand mirror
  • Makeup touch up kit (powder for shine and lip color/lip gloss for touch-up)
  • Tan touch-up kit (if not using show’s tan provider)
  • Small disposable cups with bottoms cut-out (to splashing on your tan when you pee)
  • Pack heavy resistance band with handles for pump up
  • Sewing kit that has safety pins
  • Pack food, candy, wine, and supplements as directed by your Coach


  • The Bag: Use a small rolling suitcase with a lock to avoid fussing with shoulder strap on tan and secure belongings.
  • Touch-Ups: Even though you may be getting your make-up done, you’re likely on your own for touch-ups. Pack powder for face shine control and lip color/lip gloss.
  • Mirror: Backstage is a busy spot and there may not be enough room for everyone in front of the mirror. Pack a small hand mirror for last minute checks!


Feel confident in all your work up to this point. Follow the meals, water, supplementation and timing and as set-out by your coach with final tweaks being made based on your photos today.

  • Stay off your legs as much as possible as rested legs look best on stage.
  • Come to your show dressed in very loose clothing. No bra and no underwear to avoid lines on your skin.
  • Leave yourself lots of time to arrive on time & avoid feeling rushed and producing stress.
  • Anytime the backstage buzz gets into your head, put on your headphones and play music that suit your mood.


  • Pump Up: You may be tempted to start your pump-up early as you anxiously wait. However, there’s no point in doing your pump-up routine too early as your pump doesn’t last.
  • Food Matters: Carefully follow your Coaches pre-show nutrition protocol to get the most out of your pre-show pump.
  • Upper Body Only: Stay off your legs as much as possible and do NOT pump your legs. Working your legs makes them look worse on stage!



Perform as a continuous circuit (10-15 reps per exercise). Stand on the resistance band as you perform each move.

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  1. Bicep curls
  2. Overhead shoulder presses
  3. Bent over back rows
  4. Tricep extensions
  5. Standing upright shoulder rows
  6. Hammer curls
  7. Bent over rear delt flys


Remember to have FUN! You’ve worked so hard for this day. Enjoy each moment. And don’t forget to SMILE :)

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