Winning the Battle Over your Body After Competing on Stage


Often times as a SiS coach, a client comes to us with a BIG GOAL to compete, and burning FIRE inside to achieve it.

The training.
The diet.
We conquer it all.

But we’ve learned for ourselves the journey doesn't end after the stage... if anything, we’re just beginning.

To the Physique Competitor trying find her place after the show: We want to help you REMEMBER YOURSELF, not your stage body.

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When I decided to compete, the gradual changes my body made were so satisfying. Each week, I could see myself getting closer and closer to that stage. My reflection serving as a reminder of all my hard work.

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Then, the show came and went. I had no one help me succeed as my stage body faded. No one coaching me through the idea that my hard work would suddenly feel like it had disappeared, my reflection faded daily from what I presented on that day. No one to remind me the stage presentation was just a part of the journey, not the final destination.

At SiS, we serve as coaches to the stage, and coaches past it, especially if competing year round wasn’t what you had in mind..

We are here to remind our clients to remember WHO YOU ARE, not what you looked like.

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You’re the woman who lifted heavy, and inspired so many other women to do the same. The woman who set her sights on a goal, worked day in and out for it, and rocked it. The one who learned so much about herself and what she’s made of. What’s doable long term and what’s a means to an end for that stage body. The woman who did the training, but also learned nutrition to fuel it. How you have to eat to build, it's as much an effort to get that done as your workouts. And it’s a choice moving forward if that route should be long term.

You’re the woman that overcame weight room stigmas and owned your place in the gym. You know you belong. And most of you, the woman who did all that AFTER CHILDREN.

At SiS we know the transition from stage to everyday fit isn't easy, constantly comparing your stage body to what has settled into your new normal. It’s an emotional process we don’t want you to experience alone. We know the abs may fade, but what you’ve accomplished can never be taken away. That’s an ongoing win even after the trophies are handed out.


Stand in your place, wherever you are, with your head high. Lift remembering yourself, journey on continuing to inspire, and be happy to have found a passion for fitness beyond the stage.

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Post by SiS Coach, Christie

This busy mom of 3, army wife and personal trainer knows how important it is to find your forever fit. “Creating those healthy habits that we can maintain on autopilot when life gets hectic. I love empowering women to live ALL IN!”

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