SiS "Must-Haves" For Summer Outdoor Workouts

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Seems as soon as those bitter temps kick in, the dark evenings approach quicker and the last glimpse of summer disappears… we immediately begin wishing the seasons would fast forward to summer. 

Now that summer has officially returned, we now can enjoy the long awaited season OUTDOORS. But before tossing on a tank top and heading out the door, don’t forget these three important things:


Regardless of the time of day (sunrise or sunset) or whether it’s a bit of overcast… summer sun is brutally strong. 70 degree, blue skies and a cool breeze can be the perfect scenario to take your workouts outdoors. And we encourage you to do so — as soon as you apply sunscreen!

If you can, wear a hat/visor and sunglasses as well.
Well, I don’t know about you, but anything to ward off any additional wrinkles, I’m 100% an advocate for.  #SayNoToSquinting


Water is important any day, all day. If you know your outdoor workout will be a sweat sesh, take an electrolyte replacement with you as well.
NOTE: Many electrolyte replacement drinks are loaded with added sugars so check the label before you grab one. You can also naturally replace electrolytes with coconut water, bananas, and chia seeds.


If you plan to spend lot of time outdoor this summer, be sure your wardrobe includes some dry-fit/clima-cool materials, especially for sports bras, socks, and bottoms. The majority of athletic gear now comes in performance material designed to keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter … all while keeping the moisture away from your skin. 

And for good reason! 

Cause, have you ever gotten chafing from a cotton sports bra or shorts? Next to childbirth… it might be the next most brutal pain. Choose light/bright colors to help reflect the sun/heat. Yes, yes, I know that black is slenderizing year round. Again, trust me. Choose colors. 

So, now that you’re properly hydrated, brightly-colored and skin-protected… make the most of this short-but-sweet season and enjoy some time outdoors.

Happy Summer!

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