A Mother's Journey of Discovering a "Pre-Baby Body" Doesn't Exist



After the birth of her first child, Adrienne’s body bounced right back. When she had her daughter 5 years later, she discovered that she wouldn’t have the same experience the second time around.

“I was always into weight lifting, so I was familiar with exercising. However, my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I spent a few years on a roller coaster ride of 'on the wagon, off the wagon.' For a few months, I would do well and even lose a few pounds. Eventually, I would plateau and regain whatever I had lost." Adrienne experimented with various programs, hoping
one would ultimately be her answer to achieving the “pre-baby body” she desperately sought to regain.

When Adrienne moved to Maryland, she met Valerie Solomon who lived across the street. “I watched her compete, would see her stage photos and think ‘I’d love to do that someday, but I could never look like that’.”
Toward the end of 2016, Adrienne and her husband turned their garage into a home gym, their first step what would end up being a life-transforming year. “I lost 15lbs. I joined Valerie’s Fit Mom Challenge in February 2017. I changed my nutritional plan by incorporating Isagenix
products into my lifestyle. It was the jumpstart my body had needed and at this point… I began to seriously explore competing. I had talked about it long enough. Now, I was ready.”

In June, Adrienne enrolled in the Sisters In Shape Power Prep program and began her journey to the stage. In October, Adrienne stepped on stage as a Figure competitor. “I was nervous and it was scary… but it was so fun. Stepping onto stage after this 4-year journey… it didn’t matter the outcome. I was already a winner.”

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Along with Coach Val and the entire Sisters in Shape community cheering her on, Adrienne’s biggest fans were right in the audience on competition day: her husband and kids.

“Having a good support system at home is so important. My husband wasn’t competing, yet he still ate how I ate. He was very cognizant and supportive of the process. There’s a video from the competition where you can literally hear the genuine happiness in his voice as he’s cheering me on.”

And it wasn’t just Adrienne’s husband who was so proud of her. “One of my favorite parts of the whole day had to be my 4-year old daughter telling me that she wanted to be strong like me when she gets bigger.”

Originally, Adrienne intended to work with Sisters in Shape only for the duration of competition prep. “After my competition, I decided to continue on as SiS Lifestyle client because of the community of women. We have the same goals. It’s also great to have a relationship with your
trainer and have their continuous support, without needing to see them every day.“

Adrienne’s journey with Sisters in Shape extends beyond just her physical transformation.

“I didn’t realize until recently that it wasn’t so much my body that needed to be transformed, but rather my mind. I spent four years so worried about regaining my ‘pre-baby body’; I finally realized that body doesn’t exist anymore. I mean… You carried a human!

I was so tied up in that image of a “pre-baby body” that I didn’t noticed the inner transformation that was happening. Sometimes we are so fixated on changing the outside, we don’t realize how it’s more the internal struggles we’re having that cause us to be unhappy or unsatisfied with ourselves.

After having my 2nd child, I lacked self-love. I had gained more weight with my second pregnancy, and I became so horrible toward myself. We tell people to be kind to one another... but, we aren’t kind to ourselves.
My body is 10 times better now than before I had kids. And I’m well aware I’ll regain some weight post show… but I am at peace with that. I feel so good on the inside, I’m more equipped to handle what changes on the outside.”

So, what is Adrienne’s advice for women who struggle with trying to regain their pre-baby bodies?

“Never make your goal to get your ‘pre-baby body’ back. Don’t make your goal to be the person you were before you had a baby. You’ll never be that person again. In one of my exercise classes, the instructor tells us, “You’re so much bigger than a smaller pair of pants.” That one sentence equates to my four-year journey. Set new goals. Never say you can’t do something …
because you ABSOLUTELY can.”


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