In Summer 2016, Stephanie was one year into “maintaining” a 35lb weight loss when she began contemplating her next milestone. A former distance runner, Stephanie was looking for a challenge that would benefit her health and improve her physique, yet be easier on the joints. Her knees no longer could handle the impact of running; she needed a new primary form of exercise.  

“I’d been extremely active my whole life, but my food choices hadn’t been the best. I ran to counterbalance my calorie intake. Although, this balancing act eventually caught up with me once I had my son in November 2013.” Throughout her pregnancy, Stephanie’s physical activity continually decreased until it was virtually non-existent. In a matter of months, she went from marathon runner to inactive. “Inactivity combined with poor eating habits resulted in a considerable amount of weight gain during my pregnancy.

I’d heard countless times that ‘once you have a baby, you lose your body and your identity’. And for a brief period, I succumbed to that same stereotype … until I realized that I wasn’t happy, I felt lost… and a ‘mom-bod’ did NOT have to have a negative connotation. It took over a year of trial and error to find a way to lose (and keep off) the weight I had gained. With the help of a nutrition program on my own, I released three times the weight I hoped to lose.”

Fast forward year into “maintaining” Stephanie’s new weight and lifestyle:

“While I was proud of my accomplishment, I couldn’t shake the self-image of “skinny fat” from my mind. I was proud my size 12 to size 4 transformation… but I appeared soft. I wanted to look and FEEL strong. I wondered if I even had ‘abs’ hiding under my weakest area.” Stephanie recognized that her new goals would require another level of support. “I knew what I hoped to accomplish with my physique… but I had no idea how to get there.

“I’d followed several female fitness competitors and truly admired the sport of bodybuilding... but never believed I had the body, the genes - or frankly, the dedication - to accomplish that goal. However, I’d achieved so many other “impossible” milestones the year prior… I was willing to work toward another.”


Stephanie had followed SiS Online personal trainer, Christie Nix, on social media. “She had a strong physique that I really admired, and she supported the same nutritional system I used to achieve my weight loss. Finding a coach who was educated on exercise AND nutrition was very important to me.” In June 2016, Stephanie connected with Christie, sharing her weight loss journey and aspiration of stepping on stage that fall. “I was uncertain of her response since 2 other coaches had believed my goal was unrealistic and too soon. Christie’s response was, Yes, you absolutely CAN do this." Stephanie joined the Sisters in Shape online fitness program in July 2016. 19 weeks later, she stepped on stage and placed Top 3 in both Bikini and Fitness Model divisions.

“I assumed Sisters in Shape was just an online trainer who’d plug workouts into an app and check in occasionally. I had no idea the personalized support and network of like-minded women I’d also receive. I went from counting calories, to genuinely understanding macronutrients and how the body processes carbs, fats, and proteins.  Most importantly, I’ve learned how MY specific body needs to be fueled to achieve desired results. We are all so different. Nutrition isn’t a ‘one size fits all’.”

“Any trainer can hand you a meal plan and set of workouts ... but a great trainer will TEACH you the tools needed to be successful long term. Almost a year and a half of working with Sisters in Shape, and I still feel challenged every day. I’m still learning. I set goals for myself, and SiS provides me the roadmap to achieve them.”
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This journey has not only transformed Stephanie’s body beyond her wildest expectations... but more importantly, her MIND. “I’ve realized that I truly can achieve anything with the right support and positive mindset. I’ve shifted my mindset from “I want to be skinny” to “Strong is sexy.” Watching my body change is so rewarding. I genuinely feel excited for my 5am workouts because I know they bringing me one step closer to my goals. I’ve shifted away from measuring my success as a scale number… and more on how I feel and look. When not competing, I’m easily 15-20lbs heavier. Yet, I’ve never loved my body more than I do today.”

Stephanie has some advice for other women looking for trainers or support toward achieving their goals:

“Don’t just look for a coach who will give you workouts and meal plan. Find a coach who INSPIRES you. MOTIVATES you. TEACHES you. Challenges you while cheering you on.  Sees your potential, even beyond what you see in yourself. Because self-doubt will inevitably kick in at some point in your journey (it does for everyone). An amazing coach will guide you through it. Anything is possible with time, patience and passion.

My journey with Sisters in Shape has helped me to feel more beautiful and confident than I ever have in my life… and that is the most priceless feeling that a woman can have. I feel strong, sexy and limitless. I’ve learned that strong, empowered woman is the most beautiful kind to be.”



Do you wish you had someone to REALLY support you FULLY to reach your goals through:

  • EXERCISE (specific to your unique life!), 
  • NUTRITION (specific for your unique body and goals!)
  • Accountability and mindset coaching
  • An approach that takes your long term health and lifestyle into account
  • Peer support from other like-minded women?

Through the unique sisterhood of our Sisters in Shape online client/coach community, women are changing. We know that our affordable, balanced and fully CUSTOMIZED approach to helping you crush your goals is what you've been looking for.

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