Discovering that Physical Transformations begin with Self Love and a Positive Mindset


Age 35, Business Owner, Mom of 3


In 2015, Rada was an avid distance runner looking to change up her fitness routine. “I wanted to put on some muscle, because while I enjoyed cardio and running, I felt that I looked ‘skinny fat’.” Rada began online coaching with Sisters in Shape and made great progress during her first year. And then, life threw Rada and her family some challenges that required her fitness goals to be placed on the back burner.

“During my time off from Sisters In Shape, I did try some other programs to help me continue building on the progress I’d been making. But, I quickly discovered that I lost my mental focus. Other coaches and programs seemed to only worry about what I ate and how often I worked out. They didn’t focus or place emphasis on the WHOLE being, like Sisters in Shape does.” It didn’t take long for Rada to start feeling bad about herself and begin slipping into old habits. “I felt married to my food. I missed the support that Sisters in Shape offered. And not just the support of my coach… but support of the whole SiS community of women.”

Soon after, Rada returned to SiS as a lifestyle client under Coach Valerie Solomon. This time, her transformation would start with her mind, not her body.

“I really connected with Val. I came back to SiS feeling really down and hard on myself regarding all of the progress I had lost in my year off.” Val began coaching Rada on mindset. “For the first 6 weeks, we worked on shifting my mindset. THEN we focused on the gym.”

Through the process, Rada began setting goals that she never intended to have, such as competing. “Several SiS clients were preparing for an upcoming competition. I watched and followed their journeys and my interest peaked. Then, I went to Camp Gorgo. That changed everything. I met many of my fellow SiSters in person and connected with them over the weekend. These women had such an impact on me. I found myself wanting to emulate these strong women. The more I learned about their journeys, the more I realized that I’m not as different as I first thought. I CAN do it.” With her motivation fueled and her coach’s guidance, Rada began preparing for her first bikini competition. She competed twice that year.

“This journey along with the experience of competing has brought me a whole new level of confidence. Stepping on stage was scary… mostly because never in my adult life had I put myself out there like that. I walked away feeling so food about myself; NOT just because I could do a competition… but because it gave me the confidence to do other things I’d been scared to do.

“I’m not scared of myself anymore. This experience been the best thing for me.

I’ve realized through this journey that we never stop learning. Whether it be in fitness or life in general, we don’t always have the answers. We aren’t always right. It’s important to have faith in the process.”

Despite all that she’s learned and achieved over the last two years, Rada admits she doesn’t have it all figured out and she’s not done with her journey. However, what she DOES have are the tools and support to help her stay on track. “Through all of the hustles in life – traveling, family priorities, work – I may not make it to the gym as much as I normally would. However, when she can’t make it to the gym, she knows to shift her focus even more on food. “I now know what to eat to make me feel good.”

In terms of the future and her current focus, Rada says: “Originally, I had a goal of stepping on stage again in 2018…. But right now, I think I’m OK on just being a “Hot Mom.”

Rada’s advice to other women?

“Find your “WHY.” And your why may change over time. And that’s OK. Mine has.  I’ve grown. I’m not the same person I was 2 years ago. The reason I began this journey in 2015 is different than why I continue it today. At first, it was for vanity. Now, it’s because I love myself. I want to give myself the confidence to be strong again. Sure, looking good is a byproduct of the journey… but it feels so good to LOVE yourself.”


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