Transformation: Getting Rid of 'Mom Guilt'



In 2015, Janet was a year into finding her new-found hobby. A former runner turned weight lifter, Janet had found a sport and hobby that she truly loved. Weight lifting eventually took her to the stage where she competed in her first fitness competition. “I’d worked with a different coach for my first show and it was all about meal planning. I was handed a meal plan to follow, but that truly didn’t educate me on HOW to eat. Once the competition was over, I realized that for long term success, I needed to figure out how to eat outside of just a prescribed meal plan. Portions were also a problem for me.” Janet’s search led her to Sisters in Shape founder, Erica Willick. “Erica said they teach you to eat for everyday life; how to create my own meal plan, not just follow one given to me.”

“SiS has totally changed my mindset. I now realize the power I have. I have fallen in love with my body the way it is. Can it be better? Sure. But I’m 44; I have 2 teenagers. I’m OK with how I look and accept that I am a work in progress. It’s OK to accept yourself. It’s a mindset. I’ve learned to look at the gym not as an obligation or burden as I use to.... it’s a privilege."

"SiS has totally changed my mindset. I now realize the power I have."

This 44-year-old mother of 2 teenagers has big goals in life. “From a physical standpoint, I want to improve my body. My short-term goal is preparing for another fitness competition this October. I want to see what this 44-year-old body can do. I want to see what kind of package of I can bring to the stage. I haven’t seen my very best package yet… and I excited to see it.”

As for her long-term goals, “It is to continue on this journey of everyday fit. Continue to learn about nutrition. Learn to be accountable to myself. That’s the best part of SiS; I have my coach and a supportive community of women who help hold me accountable to my goals.”

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This past summer, Janet attended Camp GORGO with many fellow SiS clients for the very first time. “This camp brought together women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes. I’ve never in my life been some place where no one is eyeballing you. Everyone cheers you on. You leave feeling like a million bucks… like anything is possible. As if the camaraderie weren’t enough, the key note speakers and the knowledge I learned in the sessions was amazing.”

“The biggest thing Sisters in Shape has given me is the ability to get rid of ‘mom guilt.’

“The biggest thing Sisters in Shape has given me is the ability to get rid of ‘mom guilt.’ SiS has empowered me to taking time for myself. The SiS community has helped me to realize that not only is it OK, but it is totally necessary. It’s also helped me to be a good role model for my family. I’ve inspired my kids to workout. They know Mom takes time to work out and they are cool with it.”

Janet has hopes for other women looking to improve their health and well-being. “I wish to inspire women to take care of themselves. It feels so good to be healthy. If you want something, you do it. You make it happen. Trust yourself. You have to want it. And it’s not easy, but the rewards are so worth it. AND you are worth it.”


Do you wish you had someone to REALLY support you FULLY to reach your goals through:

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  • Peer support from other like-minded women?

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