Busy Mom Shifts Her Goals and Her Why


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Five years ago, Denise had been a member of a local gym for 7 years… when it suddenly closed. “When I originally joined my local gym, I’d just had my daughter, I had a job that involved a lot of driving, and I had a lot of stress. Not only did I want to lose weight, but I needed something to get my mind in a more positive space. Yet at the same time... I felt guilty putting my kids in the gym’s childcare just so I could get my workout in. I began attending group classes to maximize my workouts and ensure I was keeping them at an hour.”

Once her gym closed, Denise had to find a new plan. With no other gym nearby that fit her needs, Denise decided to build her own home gym within her garage. Each year, her home gym grows larger with new pieces. “It’s great having a home gym; even if it’s 10 pm at night, I can hop on the treadmill and squeeze in the workouts that my SIS Coach Heather has built for me.”

“Having worked out for 7 years, I thought I knew what I was doing. But once my home gym was set up, I quickly realized I needed some help.” Denise joined the Fit Mom Challenge, which led her to begin online coaching with Sisters in Shape.  

“Truthfully, I had lots of apprehension about working with an online trainer; I didn’t understand how they could actually be connected with you from a distance. But it didn’t take long to realize that the coaches really ARE there for you. The mobile app allows you to send messages and videos, upload progress pics and measurements; you’re in direct connection to your coach at all time. If I have a question, my coach responds in a matter of minutes. And I can complete my workouts on my own time, even if it’s late at night.”

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Married to her high-school sweetheart, Denise stays busy with their 2 children (12-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son), caring for the animals on their ‘hobby farm,’ and her full-time career as a music therapist in hospice. “I don’t have a ton of downtime… but when I do, my mind goes to my animals or out to my gym to exercise.”

While Denise isn’t new to exercise, her goals and her focus have shifted over the years. “I use to be a straight cardio girl. I did so many 5K’s, it’s not even funny. I always thought I’d look like a man if I lifted too many weights, so I never really pushed myself to strength training.” However, after being diagnosed with PCOS 2.5 years ago, Denise began looking at the benefits of weight training differently. “For a long time, I was confused and frustrated with my lack of progress. After putting all the symptoms together (exhaustion, energy loss, erratic periods, hair growth, difficulty losing weight) and receiving a confirmed diagnosis… I learned that good nutrition, consistency and strength training would help me more than hours of cardio would. Plus, I’ve realized that strength training serves as great cardio as well; you CAN get your heart rate up, get a good sweat and burn a lot of calories. Sisters in Shape has been able to offer support through nutrition advice, a consistent exercise program that’s catered to MY goals, and a great coach.

I may not fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans anymore… but I feel strong and most importantly, I feel good about myself.”


Not only has a consistent workout program been important in managing Denise’s PCOS, but shifting from “only cardio” to more strength training has been beneficial as it relates to her lifestyle. “I train to pick up my future grandkids, or pick up one of my animals that need help.” Working with SIS has helped Denise build the strength needed to complete daily tasks around her farm. “Whether it’s carrying 50-pound bags of feed from my car to the barn or even cleaning out the barns - those are things that I probably wouldn’t be able to do without the strength I’ve built through Sisters in Shape.”

My viewpoint of fitness has evolved over the years. Originally, I began to lose weight. Then, I used it for a stress release. Eventually, I realized how much better I felt after a workout, and now I continue because of how it makes me feel. The endorphins it releases and how I feel has become my priority. Today, my focus has changed more toward my quality of life.

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All over my gym are photos of my kids and myself. Generally, I don’t like pictures of myself. However, these photos serve as my daily reminder of what I’m working for and why I do this …

I do this for my kids and I do this for myself.

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