Nutrition Support, Fitness Goals and Beyond

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Billy Jo, or BJ as her friends call her, came to Sisters In Shape the age of 44, looking to be strong and prepare for a fitness competition. An endurance athlete for years, she’d turned to strength training via the SIS POWER PREP PROGRAM and saw significant gain and shape change. Trained and guided by her experienced SiS Coach, BJ took home 2nd place in both Fitness Model Masters and Open classes.

“The SiS Power Prep meals were very useful and yummy," BJ explains. "Understanding what my macros should be during contest prep was also beneficial – this was an area that I did not know much about and am still learning. I am so much more aware of the food I put into my body and macros splits.”

In addition to guidance of nutrition and exercise, there's another component to Sisters in Shape that BJ found as a benefit and a source of motivation...

"Sisters In Shape is a group of liked minded women who actually want to help women succeed in whatever their fitness goals are and beyond. They truly care about you. These women have given me my drive back and a longing to want to be healthy and stay focused on a lifestyle I am passionate about!"

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Do you wish you had someone to REALLY support you FULLY to reach your goals through:

  • EXERCISE (specific to your unique life!), 
  • NUTRITION (specific for your unique body and goals!)
  • Accountability and mindset coaching
  • An approach that takes your long term health and lifestyle into account
  • Peer support from other like-minded women?

Through the unique sisterhood of our Sisters in Shape online client/coach community, women are changing. We know that our affordable, balanced and fully CUSTOMIZED approach to helping you crush your goals is what you've been looking for.

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