Trusting Her Inner Voice To Find Her Strength

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In September 2014, just after giving birth to her 2nd daughter, Dianne found herself sitting at a weight she’d never been before. “At 5’2”, I was almost 200lbs. It wasn’t until stepping on the scale that I realized just how much I’d gained with my 2nd pregnancy.” Determined to lose the weight and fit into her work clothes by the time she returned in January, Dianne began researching online coaching and trainers when she stumbled across Sisters in Shape.

In Dianne’s initial talk with her coach she set a goal of exercising 3 days a week. But overtime that changed. “As I began to see results, I felt motivated to keep going. At the same time, Dianne was having difficulties in her marriage and her personal life. As a litigation lawyer, I portrayed myself as a strong, independent woman... but in my personal life, I was the furthest thing from that. I didn’t realize how bad my personal situation was, because I was so beaten down. I hadn’t started to talk to anyone about it… and after years of living in this situation, I had settled into the mentality of 'This is my life'.”

With her family living at the opposite end of the Country, Dianne felt alone, unhappy… and stuck.” As she began to form a routine with working out, she noticed two things begin to happen – first, she started losing weight and gaining muscle. Secondly, and most importantly, she started to feel stronger emotionally.  Combined, both variables kept Dianne motivated and pushing forward on her journey.

While the outsider may have only noticed her physical transformation, an even more powerful change was evolving internally.


In Summer 2016, Dianne traveled 12 hours by herself to attend her first Camp Gorgo. “Going to Camp Gorgo was really out of my comfort zone. I generally tend to stay away from group settings where I know absolutely no one -  I like to have a “wing man. But I had worked with Sisters in Shape for so long, I wanted to meet these women that I had followed and felt inspired by. I decided I was going to put myself out there.”

By the end of the 3 day trip, Dianne left with a renewed perspective. “The plane ride back from Camp allowed me to reflect on Camp and all of the people I had met there. I had met many women who had overcome difficulties in life - death of loved ones, bad relationships - and fitness helped them get through it. I remember thinking to myself – these women are living happy and authentic lives even after everything they have been through. If they can do it, I can too” It was a pivotal moment in Dianne’s life. “It was then that I decided that I needed to be strong and show my kids what it meant to be strong. Show them that we could be strong together. I knew it was time to love myself enough to pursue the life that I wanted to live. I realized I deserved to be happy.”


As Dianne continued working on her physical and emotional strength, she set a new goal. “I never really wanted to compete in a fitness competition… but competing was a way for me to prove to myself that I AM strong, physically and mentally. My focus wasn’t on winning, but rather a symbolic milestone in my life. Achieving this goal symbolized that I was taking control of my life. Confirmation that I have built myself into this new, strong person.” The experience proved to be even more than Dianne expected. “I found the entire experience so empowering. When I stepped on the stage, I felt like a completely different person. Strong and confident – the person I used to be. I was shocked at how strong I felt. It completely exceeded my expectations.”


Dianne’s decision to compete wasn’t just for her.  “I wanted to show my girls a strong woman role model. My daughters are 4 and 7. They ask lots of questions, such as, ‘Why do you go to the gym?’ and I emphasize that it’s not about looking a certain way, but more about feeling good about yourself. I make it a point to help them understand WHY it’s important. I took my girls to my competition and they were like, “WOW, look at Mom!” It was a big thing for them. My oldest says things like “Mommy is really strong.”

Dianne feels that she learned a lot through this experience. Her Advice to others is Simple…

Listen to yourself and believe in yourself. “I recently read an amazing book, “Love Warrior” and the last line really resonated with me: I will not betray myself. I will trust the wisdom of the still small voice. I will not let fear drown her out. I will trust her and I will trust myself. Love, Pain Life: I am not afraid. I was born to do this.

When I read this, I felt tingles all over and thought, “YES. I am never going to ignore the small tiny voice inside. Listen to her. Listen to yourself. Believe in yourself… because you are stronger than you think.”

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