An Eye-Opening Experience for Long Term Success



Lora says, “THE LIFESTYLE FIT COACH PROGRAM has been eye opening and has definitely provided guidance for long-term lifestyle changes. The use of flexible eating (IIFYM), along with new workouts every month and direct access to a trainer 24/7, is invaluable.

Lora explains “I get inspired and motivated from my SiS Coach, from seeing how she manages to fit her health and passion into her busy every day, to how she has offered nothing but encouragement and positive feedback along my journey! She 100% believes in her clients and arms them with the information and exercises to help you reach that goal, whatever it is, long term or short term.”


Do you wish you had someone to REALLY support you FULLY to reach your goals through:

  • EXERCISE (specific to your unique life!), 
  • NUTRITION (specific for your unique body and goals!)
  • Accountability and mindset coaching
  • An approach that takes your long term health and lifestyle into account
  • Peer support from other like-minded women?

Through the unique sisterhood of our Sisters in Shape online client/coach community, women are changing. We know that our affordable, balanced and fully CUSTOMIZED approach to helping you crush your goals is what you've been looking for.

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