Sisters In Shape are online fitness trainers & nutrition coaches.

We believe that a woman can live her busy life and still achieve her goals. We believe that when a woman is empowered, she can do anything.

No matter how packed your schedule, when you have accountability, experienced support and a plan created just for your success, anything is possible.

We help women who are busy with careers, business owners, moms (or all three at once!) figure out how to fit in her workouts & healthy eating with the right plan created just for her success.

Transformation CAN happen when you have accountability & an experienced knowledgable trainer to get you there!


Never in a million years did I ever think this was possible for me...not with this bod, not after years of trying and never succeeding! I am beyond thankful I stumbled across a SiS blog post and joined.
— Katharine, 36, Business Owner & Mother of 3
SiS has changed my life. It has reminded me that I am a strong, capable woman. I love everything about the program - the workouts, the accountability, my coach and I would love nothing more than for others to experience the same.
— Jackie, 40, Lawyer & Mother of 2
I love the flexibility the program allows. It is tailored to suit your needs & lifestyle, and you don’t have to depend on someone else’s schedule to fit in workouts and sessions.
— Leigh Ann, 32, Accountant

There are truly not enough hours in the day to run your business, your family, your life, and plan your nutrition & fitness. That’s why we created Sisters in Shape. To give busy women like you access to top-notch trainers who will create your fitness plan & crack your nutrition for you, all the while taking into account the time you have available to pull this off.  Our programs are “Busy Life Proven”.

Need to work out at home? No problem! Since each program is customized to your needs you tell us the when and where and leave the how to us.

We Are Dedicated To Your Success.


As a busy woman you may feel like you don’t have time to fit in fitness or crack the nutrition code, but the reality is, getting fit & eating well will help you buy back more of your time each day. Whether you’re in a corporate position, entrepreneur, mom, or combination of the three, we completely understand the time crunch you’re under, because we are too!

Not sure you'd call yourself a "Power Woman"? WE WOULD!