Full Body Hybrid Workout


Tight on time?  Try this Full Body Hybrid Workout. Getting both cardio and strength training in can be a challenge, and if shedding fat and building lean muscle is your goal- you need to get in both. Hybrid Density Training is an approach to working out which may be the best fat loss workout you're not doing. The workouts are organized in circuits.  So for example, do circuit A  by performing the three exercises in order, and then repeat that circuit for a total of three times. Once complete, move to circuit B etc.

What makes these workouts geared toward fat loss is the 20-second all out sprint, added as a third exercise.  Combining moderately heavy resistance training (first & second exercise) with high intensity sprints, Hybrid Density Training can be an effective plan of attack to burn calories and shed excess fat.

This workout created by SiS Coach Steph Puddicome, is a favourite approach to leaning out for this Champion Fitness Model (and World Medalist Powerlifter!).

Circuit A: Hybrid Density Training Circuit

A1: Dumbbell Squat [10-12 reps] VIDEO

A2: Incline Bench Press [10-12 reps] VIDEO

A3: Cardio Sprint [20s]

Tip: A "cardio sprint" is a treadmill sprint, bike sprint or rower sprint.  If you don't have access to those machines any high interval exercise will do such as high knees or digs.

Circuit B: Hybrid Density Training Circuit

B1:Leg Press [10-12] VIDEO

B2: Dumbbell Military Press [10-12] VIDEO

B3: Cardio Sprint [20s]

Circuit C: Density Training Circuit

C1: Close Grip Pulldown [12 – 15 Reps] VIDEO

C2: Plate Landmine [12 – 15 Reps] VIDEO

BONUS: Tabata Finisher

*Do each exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds then move to the next exercise

1) Squats

2) Push-ups (do them from your knees if you can’t do regular push-ups) VIDEO

3) Plank Hold VIDEO

4) Reverse Lunge VIDEO

5) Glute Bridge VIDEO

Rest for 30 seconds then REPEAT Tabata 5 TIMES