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A business owner and busy mom of 3 who wanted to get back in shape after some time away. She was an athlete in the past and knew how important fitness and nutrition are for a healthy lifestyle, but she also needed someone to motivate her and help her plan those workouts and nutrition goals because as busy women we can’t do everything ourselves, right? Katharine joined SiS as a Lifestyle Fit Program client and didn’t have dreams of competing – she just wanted to get her everyday life in balance and live healthy. But, as she started reaching her goals, she quickly became motivated to get back to that athletic lifestyle. 

The best part of Katharine’s journey is that she loves who she has become. Staring at a her "after" photo, teary eyed because she can’t believe how beautiful she looks, she not only feels beautiful, but accomplished. What began as a desire to have fun and be part of a team quickly became so much more. It became the turning point where Katharine realized just how beautiful and amazing she really is. Plus, she has become an inspiration to others - helping to encourage them in their journeys and know they can achieve what they set their minds to. 

As women we can build each other up and help each other reach our goals. For Katharine, she found this encouragement through working with her SiS coach, and now she helps inspire other women to go for their goals, reach their dreams, and be beautiful in their own unique ways. 




Jenny Lyn Goldberg came to Sisters In Shape shortly after we launched our SiS Power Prep Program.  Jenny explains "I've always wanted to do a fitness competition. I've worked out for years and always been really into fitness.  I'm finally going to fulfill my goal of doing a show."  So together with her SiS Coach we set out to make this dream a reality.

Jenny indicated during the intake process that her goal category for her show was “Fitness Model”.  This category needs a great lean muscle foundation, while still maintaining a feminine and commercially appealing physique.  Jenny had a good base to start and with the right training and nutrition, so her SiS Coach agreed this was an attainable category in our 18-week prep. 

It was important that one of the most important factors went into Jenny’s program, and should go into every competitor’s program - her real life.  A fitness competition is a fun hobby for someone really into fitness.  However, it should never take precedence over real life, no hobby should.   So her SiS Coach kept the gym workouts to 60 minutes and included home DVD HIIT workouts so this busy mom to a toddler could do her fitness hobby in the pockets of time in her life.

One of her first Skype posing sessions had her little son popping into the screen regularly.  Her SiS Coach (also a mom) loved it as it kept the whole experience “real” and in context of what it really was – a mommy doing a fun hobby for herself.

The whole strategy paid off as Jenny took home two trophies at UFE Spring Bash, placing 1st in Fitness Model and 2nd in Bikini Model.



Monica was already fit when she decided to join Sisters in Shape. As a former NCAA Soccer player, Monica was already used to working hard to reach her fitness goals, but after college she started looking for a new challenge - the world of fitness competitions. Hearing about Sisters in Shape from a friend, she decided to check it out and see if SiS could help her with her new found goal of getting ready for her first competition. As someone who was already really athletic and considering becoming a fitness coach herself, it wasn’t that she needed someone to help her understand the why behind working out - she needed someone who could push her to do her best, and challenge her along the way. Impressed by her soon to be coach’s experience in the fitness competitor world, Monica joined Sisters in Shape Power Prep Program and went on to win her very first competition.

Already pretty fit when she first joined, Monica was looking for something different that would challenge her and help her reach a new goal. She had never focused on building muscle like she did for her first competition and remembers the experience as one that was challenging and made her feel accomplished and beautiful. She felt better, stronger, and confident. She was proud of what she had achieved and felt confident in her body - even when wearing a bikini.

After 8 months in the SiS program she got more out of it than she could have imagined and went on to become a SiS Personal Trainer where she can help others achieve their goals. Her advice to those considering becoming part of the SiS community is that when you have the right mindset and it’s the right time SiS can be one of the best decisions a woman can make for herself mentally, and physically. Having a community of supportive women by your side, gaining better fitness, and reaching your goals are all key here at SiS. Whether you’re a busy mom, business owner, or corporate employee, being part of SiS goes beyond the physical benefits and can help you find that balance, be fit, and be healthy. Monica is proud to be part of the SiS team helping her clients achieve their goals and live their healthiest lives now!